The Foreign Patients Treatment Center of ACECR

The ACECR Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences branch is located in Shahid Beheshti University and has been part of ACECR which has been established since 1988.

Our center hosts patients from all over the world, including neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Lebanon, Oman, as well as other European and African countries such as England, Germany, Italy, Tanzania, etc. And performs their treatment affairs in various academics and private hospitals under the supervision of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences which are the largest medical universities in Iran.

Due to the success of our physicians and surgeons in distant and neighboring countries, that most of them are faculty members, patients from all over the world trust our center and are referred to our Foreign Patients Treatment Center for treatment of their medical problems.

We have the knowledge, proficiency and up-to-date equipment for specialist physicians for the therapy, and rehabilitation of various diseases, utilizing the team of professionals and specialists who are capable of delivering the patient services needed in a comfortable and secure environment.

Expert medical staff

ACECR Medical tourism Center is ready to provide services in field of Cosmetic Therapy in Iran with professional executives and experienced physicians in the fields of Nose job, Sculpture, Hair transplantation, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes, Infertility, Ophthalmology, Dentistry and more Medical departments to the patients.

Why choosing us

We are at your service with 7 years of experience in the field of Health Tourism

This center has been proudly operating for the past 7 years with effective communication in this field.

Welfare Services from Airport to Airport

Don’t worry about your trip with us. Leave us all your pilgrimage and excursions and your companions during treatment or recovery. Our center will serve you with the best accommodation and amenities. Interpreters will be with you during your party.

Providing consulting services 7 days a week, round the clock

Contacting the consultants and medical experts will identify the patient’s problem and provide the appropriate treatment plan. The patient can also communicate their physicians through the medical consultants and experts after returning home to complete the treatment and convalescence.

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    I came to Iran for operation and treatment in the ACECR Shahid Beheshti Medical Sciences branch. The skilled medical staff with good ethics did my lumbar disc surgery faithfully in the shortest possible time, and they kept track of all my affairs in the best way. I am now in complete recovery and I wish God all success for this center.

    • Abdosalam Hassan Shaban
    • from Iraq

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